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Welcome to Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School. We are a growing school of around 275 primary and nursery pupils in the Strutherhill area of Larkhall with 8 classes, a nurture class and a 30/30 nursery class.
We take pride in working hard to do the best we can for the pupils and families we serve. This is summed up in our vision statement of:
“Only our best will do”.
Please look at our website to see some of the many activities that we do. We always aim to develop and nurture the skills and abilities of every individual. We believe that no matter what the past has been, we can hope for a positive future. A high standard of education can truly help to make this a reality and that is what we aim to deliver to all.
Roland Peck
Head Teacher

Robert Smillie Memorial Primary was built in 1957 in the Strutherhill area of Larkhall. It is named after Robert Smillie, an Irishman from Belfast, who toiled tirelessly for better conditions for miners and their families. He believed greatly in the importance of a good education and provided free school books to the children of Larkhall miners. He entered politics to further the cause of the miners and was a leading light and founding member of the Scottish Labour Party alongside Keir Hardie . He also sat on the inaugural board of directors of the Save the Children Fund. He died in 1947 in Dumfries. To this day his memory is kept alive through his great grandson Blair Smillie who has become a good friend and patron of our school. A trophy is awarded every year in his name for outstanding leadership and contribution to school life.

  • Black Blazer
  • Light blue shirt or blouse
  • Black/sky blue tie
  • Navy Jumper or cardigan
  • Navy trousers      
  • Navy skirt, tartan skirt or pinafore        
  • Pale blue and white pinstripe dress.              
  • Soft gym shoes (to be worn at all times)
Robert Smillie Memorial
Primary School Uniform
Day Name of Club Run By Time
Tuesday Tennis
Mr Burns 12:30pm -1pm
Wednesday Athletics


Ms Scott

Miss Inglis


Robert Smillie Memorial Primary School
Glen Avenue
ML9 1JN 

t.   01698 882636  
f.   01698 882771  
e.  email us here 

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10:30am – 10:45am

12:15pm – 1pm

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